Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain is a Great Family Destination
Barcelona with kids is an exciting and exotic adventure, with architecture that appeals to children and adults alike, festive food and markets, and great attractions.

Barcelona is easily one of the most interesting and entertaining cities in Europe. The shopping is cheaper here than most other cities of this size. It has some of the most amazing examples of architecture in the world, most notably the unique and dream-like Modernisme works of Gaudi.

The climate is almost always pleasant. Indeed, a local once noted that it was “way too cold” for him on the famously balmy French Riviera, and that Barcelona is far more enticing.

La Rambla
The city’s La Rambla, while a bit on the tacky side, is still a bustling thoroughfare lined with street merchants. The Gothic Quarter’s narrow streets and medieval buildings are ideal for aimless wandering, featuring unique architecture and the arresting Barcelona Cathedral.

Sagrada Familia 
To see the Sagrada Família is to experience a waking dream. Mecca of the world’s Modernista architecture, this was Gaudí’s life’s work, his masterpiece. Still unfinished, it is nevertheless one of the most unique manmade structures on the planet. Kids will love the graphic novel surrealism of the spires dotted with colorful fruit and bubbles.

The towers are reminiscent of melting candles. The carvings and statues have their own surreal spirit. The stained glass resembles modern art more than the classic Catholic windows. The western Passion Façade appears to be held up by stilts: Think classic cathedral meets Tim Burton.

Gothic Cathedral
Barcelona’s Gothic Cathedral is a perfect contrast to the Sagrada Família. It is classically gothic and traditional down to its foundation, yet equally enchanting. Its courtyard just might be lovelier than the interior, as sunlight shoots piercing beams onto the carvings and statues of the large outdoor area. Visitors are greeted by 13 geese, which stand symbolic guard over entry to the cathedral. Kids will probably enjoy the outside corridors as much if not more than the inside of the cathedral.

Poble Espanyol Miniature Village
The Poble Espanyol is a unique spot in the city that serves as a miniature Spanish village, with examples from regions throughout Spain. There are artists and craftsmen here, and the spot serves as a venue for many events.

Barcelona Aquarium
L’Aquàrium de Barcelona is a large and ever-interesting aquarium. It features a lengthy underwater tunnel and a fine mix of fish, animals and plantlife.

Barcelona Beaches
One of the best reasons to visit Barcelona as a family with kids is the fact you can get urban adventure combined with beach getaway. Barcelona has beachfront right in the city. Besides that, it is well worth a side trip to see the breathtaking Costa Brava nearby as a day trip. The Costa Brava, Spanish for rugged coast, is a stretch of small towns and resorts along the North East coast, on the Mediterranean.

The great part of visiting Barcelona with kids is that the beaches and the kid-friendly attractions all are just as interesting and enticing to adults as the young ones, so this truly is a great family vacation destination.

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