Juan Sanchez, owner of Inmobiliaria Javea is a keen fisherman when he has time free from selling luxury villas and apartments. He has provided this article for those who wish to learn about fishing on the Costa Blanca.

If you would like to do a little fishing after you have chosen your Costa Blanca holiday, you have chosen the right place because not only do you have sea fishing, but away from the coast there is a network of rivers and lakes that will satisfy all your needs as an enthusiastic fisherman. Available to test your skills are zander, perch, trout, carp, pike, barbel and bass. To enjoy all of this fun you will need a regional fishing license, which can be obtained at one of the many fishing shops situated along the coast.

If you would like to do a little trout fishing during the March to August season you will need a license with a trout supplement included. If you would like to do a little salt water fishing on the Costa Blanca, take a look at the local fishermen on the rocks and harbours where they, for the most part, catch smaller bream and bass. If you are in the market for something a lot bigger you will need to charter a boat with a knowledgeable captain to take you out to sea. These boats can be chartered individually or with a group, but what each of these will do is give you the opportunity to catch tuna, grey mullet and mackerel mainly. You can also buy tickets on organised sea trips.

When you book your holiday villa, try and book a trip with a local fishing club as they will normally be much cheaper than chartering your own boat and they will also supply you with all of the proper fishing tackle and bait you will need. When scheduling your holiday home you don’t have to be a professional angler to have a lot of fun, you can be a novice and enjoy it just as much, maybe even more.

The best thing to do is to find a professional tour company that will assure you to have the best time possible at the best price. Just remember that when you travel to a new place to fish it would be nice to have someone with you that is familiar with the area and the particular kind of skills and equipment needed to catch that ever elusive fish, but be assured that no matter where you decide to wet your hook you will have the time of your life!

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