In many cases, a property buyer will know which part of the country they prefer before purchasing in Spain. This is usually due to spending some great vacations in a chosen resort and later deciding to move or retire to the town. However, in some cases, people have no preference as to which part of the country they want to live, and this is a little bit trickier as you need to find out about the area thoroughly before making a purchase decision.

It is a good idea to spend a holiday in the town without rushing to look at properties on your first visit and decide if it is a place where you would be happy living. There is also the consideration that many Spanish resorts are entirely different in high season and low season, so if possible, visit at different times of the year before deciding this is the town for you.

How Long?

Once you are sure about the area and have a shortlist of homes to look at, it’s time to book the viewing trip. Some people try to cram this into a weekend, but Gary McDonald from recommends if possible to come for at least four days – seven is optimal. Before booking your flights, make sure you’re not landing in Spain during a big public holiday, as you may find agents are not available to show you properties on fiesta days.


If you can only go on one viewing trip, try to go off-season when you see the town at it’s worst.  Apart from seeing a place in its most negative light, wintertime is also an excellent time to go as you will likely get more attention from your estate agent. Locals will also have more time to chat as they won’t be so busy with work commitments. Talk with bartenders and expats in the local bars and cafes and ask as many questions as possible.

Where To Stay?

It is also a good idea to rent a property for your viewing trips near to your chosen area to get a better perspective of what living in the town would be like rather than booking into a hotel. Having to go into town and buy groceries and find amenities will give you a decent idea of how it will be to live in the area, whereas in a hotel your essential needs are met, so day-to-day errands experience is lost.

Your Agents

The agent or agents you deal with on this trip should know your property requirements perfectly before you go over to view. Let them know your time is limited and you expect to see as many suitable properties as possible. When at each one, take photos at every opportunity as well as pictures of the view. If you see several properties in the morning and several more in the afternoon, it is challenging to remember which features went with which property! Take a notepad and take notes at each location.

Don’t Rush!

It is important not to make any rash decisions because you feel your time is up. You can always take a second trip. In the perfect scenario, take two – the first one should be a leisure holiday to get to know the area without arranging viewings, and then at a later date, take a second trip when you are sure about the area and spend this one viewing previously selected properties with a reputable estate agent.

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