Enjoy authentic and delicious Spanish food, as there are numerous leading dining options when it comes to Puerto Andratx. Puerto Andratx happens to be one of the most popular holiday destinations which attract numerous visitors from all around the globe. The place is quite famous for its incredible dining options which serve amazing food. Puerto Andratx is a beautiful harbor. The port itself is a hub of all activities with a very busy locality.

Locals in the area visit the port area for business purposes especially during the day. The restaurants are usually quite crowded all through the day. It is recommended for the tourists to reserve their tables in advance. This is going to make the entire process of dining out a lot more comfortable for them as they would not have to wait for their turn at the top restaurants.

The main square has the best Puerto Andratx restaurants. The food served at the restaurants is outstanding and is the reason for the popularity of such eateries. Some of the leading restaurants of Puerto Andratx are:

  1. Limon Y Chelo – This happens to be one of the leading restaurants of Puerto Andratx that is located in the cultural centre of Sa Taronja. This restaurant is wonderfully decked up with candles and bougainvillea. The patio and ground floor of the building, houses this amazing restaurant. The place has great ambiance and is enormously perfect for having a good meal.
  2. El Patio – This top restaurant is very close to Puerto Andratx port. The visitors can enjoy beautiful gourmet cuisines that are served in this restaurant. Moreover, you can find international delicacies in this restaurant and are considered to be the best in the entire Island. El Patio has a very relaxed ambience and also has a touch of elegance to it.
  3. Ses Rosses – Ses Rosses is a restaurant that is located in the main square of Puerto Andratx and serves extremely great food. Meaty dishes and pasta are the specialties of this bistro. A family basically runs the restaurant and they ensure the service provided is of supreme quality.
  4. BridgePort – This restaurant serves extremely great Thai and Indian food and that also at affordable price. There is a café along that caters to the international standards as well.

As there are numerous delicious dining options to consider in Puerto Andratx, you can pick whatever you want to have on this amazing holiday destination. Click here for more information on Puerto Andratx dining options.


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